Who is the Writer?

The Lectures explore the question: Who is the writer?

Dr Martin Harrison argues: “[the] reality is that mass consumption and celebrity are what makes publishing work.” (Harrison; 2012)

Again, I agree with Martin Harrison. Our mass culture is obsessed and preoccupied with image and surfaces. Most of the content on Facebook is like a pale watered down imitation of the lives of celebrities. It seems like everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame and now, thanks to the Internet, they can have it.

Many people create an idealized version of themselves on Facebook. Selecting information and photos to share with their peer group and friends. This idealized creation corresponds to the Platonic notion of the Realm of Forms. The idea created in the virtual, online world is more perfect than the earthly reality. This creation, Ikanopisis, brings satisfaction to the consumer. This could explain why so many people are addicted and drawn to the Global Village and this is why I have chosen Facebook as my version of the Realm of Forms. 


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