I have always been interested in various philosophical approaches to the theory of art. Are artists ‘divinely inspired’ or is there merely rational intention underlying their work? Or is all art in a postmodern world, merely a re synthesis and reinterpretation of what has previously occurred?   

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What is Writing Now?

The Writing Laboratory course poses the question: What is Writing Now?

Lecturer Martin Harrison in Lecture One states: many writers and academics are “…lost in the world and to the world of Facebook, other social networking sites and blogs, downloaded music videos and endless inconsequencial electronic chat.” (Harrison; 2012)

I do agree with Dr Martin Harrison that the majority of the masses and academics are exposed and participate in banal, superficial banter on networking sites such as Facebook.

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Who is the Writer?

The Lectures explore the question: Who is the writer?

Dr Martin Harrison argues: “[the] reality is that mass consumption and celebrity are what makes publishing work.” (Harrison; 2012)

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Opening up a space

Professor Martin Harrison poses the question: “What is this space which somehow I am ‘opening’ up?” (Harrison; 2012)

The reading ‘The Virtual Window’ by Anne Friedberg has some interesting points about the virtual world, space and windows/frames. This journal article has also inspired me to use Facebook as a way to disseminate my work. Many of the concepts Friedberg examines have strong links to the Realm of Forms developed by Plato.

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 In Lecture 7, The Work, Professor Martin Harrison asks the following questions:

“Where is the younger audience?”

“How can we market reading and entice readers to engage with books?”

“Without a media presence is it possible to gain a readership?”

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